BattleTails: A Mobile Defense Game

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BattleTails is a side scrolling Tower Defense game which focuses on three major components for gameplay: Defensive Structures, Offensive Units, and your Hero. Each of these have their own unique characteristics for changing the tide of battle, and have distinct advantages and disadvantages against the other units in battle. Discover the Three Clans battling each other!

Protect the Tower!

The core gameplay of BattleTails revolves around sending out waves of troops to combat your rival’s army. Choosing and strengthening your troops in strategic ways and then releasing them at the right time is of the utmost importance to fighting and winning battles.

Strengths & Weaknesses. We all have them.

Each Unit has their own advantages and disadvantages against your foes. Foot soldiers are resistant to arrows, but Air units are ultra weak to those long-ranged weapons - and sometimes a massive Tank unit is what the situation calls for...for a price. Recruit them by winning battles and learn how best to use them along the way. If you're having trouble winning, go talk to the Keymaster.

If you can beat me, I'm yours to command...

Your chosen Hero can affect the battle in huge ways - each of them having different Attacks and Specials, and can be customized with Items you pick up along your journey. These characters represent the pinnacle of Huck Gee's design and creativity, and as such are the keystones for leading your armies into battle. You'll recognize these heroes from the Gold Life Universe. A single Ultimate Attack from you or your opponent could change the course of battle and the history of Kinausu!

Kinausu will be mine one day...

Behind The Screen: Toys, Code & Music

Huck Gee & DJ QBert - San Francisco, CA

The idea for Battle Tails was first formed in the summer of 2013 by Huck Gee and one of his most avid collectors. They later joined forces with the folks at Nom Games and Bearo. There was an immediate realization of mutual appreciation (obsession) for Designer Toys and Video Games. The first concept drawings were done in a matter of days and after a quick animation test, it was clear Battle Tails had to become a reality. We told our friend DJ QBert about the idea since he himself is a huge gamer and he was immediately interested in getting involved. QBert's beats added a whole new dimension to the concept.

Each hero is animated frame by frame. No rigs in sight.

Taking queues from some of Huck's art influences, including Japanese Animation and Edo Period Art, our Game Development Art team chose to bring the heroes and villains of Huck's universe to life via Traditional Frame Animation and while there is a greater cost in effort as well as digital artwork size, we feel it better matches Huck's visual language which is an important goal of this game.

The early days.

We are a small development team working in our spare hours to make this game a reality. Building this game and this universe hasn't been cheap. High quality art and animation takes time and resources. As of January 2015 we have a playable beta that is being tested by a select group of backers. We are currently implementing final features, bug testing and hope to launch the final product on IOS and Android devices within the next couple of months.

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