The Great Kingdom of Kinausu

Kinausu… a land of majestic cities, soaring mountains, bamboo forests, floating villages, jungle islands, and pirate laden seas. It is a land of trade, magic, martial prowess, intrigue and adventure, of brigands, treasure maps and of ancient crypts waiting to be looted. Of airships and flying cities, of gods and monsters, it is a land in which the dragon refuses to remain myth.

It is a splintered kingdom of oppressed fiefdoms and ancient clans which has seen itself tenuously ruled by warring kings and shoguns for far too many millennia. With the majority of these rulers failing to retain power for any significant length of time, most just become footnotes in the history books, which means that for many people of Kinausu, conflict is simply a way of life, like the ebb and flow of the seasons.

Some lands have fared the conflict better than others, those enclosed in great walls and with great armies, or those lucky enough to offer nothing of strategic importance. Others, unfortunately, have been razed many times over with no chance to prosper. And for some, those clans that wanted nothing to do with ruling the world, they withdrew to their homelands, locked their doors and removed themselves from the business of silly conquests and ridiculous kings.

Of the great cities, a few have grown to be splendorous and exotic mini-kingdoms of great magic and wealth. Trading hubs full of ports, both of sea and of air. Cities full of soaring buildings and lavish gardens, of renowned libraries and academics, of exotic foods, bustling streets and magical modes of transport. And running the breadth of these cities and lands lurks the far reaching web of the underworld, the shadowy marketplace for those who traffic in ill-gotten information and the procurement of dirty goods and death.

And above it all, Kinausu is a Kingdom where gold rules supreme. It is flaunted and flashed to show power and status, it is horded by those that have it and it haunts the dreams of those that do not. It is a currency, it is a way of life, and for many it consumes the soul. It is Gold Life.

What mysteries lie in the ancient grounds of this mysterious land? Explore the map and grow your clan’s empire as you travel from village to village conquering foes and discovering new heroes. You just might be able to lure a few of them to your side...

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